Football Addiction – A Growing Problem


I’m losing count of how many times I’ve brought up the problem of football addiction only to be met with a blank look, and so I explain it this way. You probably do care about football addiction if your husband or father neglects important family responsibilities. When each and every weekend of the football season is planned around the times of the kick offs; perhaps Monday morning seems attractive.

Then there are those who dread “his team” losing because they know how difficult he is to live with – is it just possible lives are being made miserable? Make no mistake, the anger football generates can carry over into daily life. The lack of self-control displayed by players and managers is infectious.

Money that could have been put toward things that should be seen as obvious higher priorities is spent on football. Decisions are continually avoided because it’s easier to bury the head in the sand of football. Are you starting to get the picture?

Communication is the life-blood of any relationship. With this in mind we could ask the question, ‘To what extent does football stifle communication in family life today?’ Not so long ago Saturday afternoons were viewed as “my football time.” Oh boy, how things have changed.

To what extent is football at the root of sbobet  breakdown? It would be useful at this point to quote some shocking statistics, but of course they do not exist. However with just a little exercise of the imagination the extent of footballs possible influence on the deterioration of a relationship will not be difficult to appreciate. Time given to honest analysis of footballs influence on family life will be revealing.

How different would life be in your home if football played less or even no part in it? One might acknowledge this as a good question but then fail to give it adequate consideration. Football has become such a large part of many people’s lives whether they like it or not. There is a degree of acceptance that nothing can be done to change attitudes toward football. Well, football for its part is not going to change and it would be naïve to think otherwise. So, what has to change? The answer is in the hands of Individuals. Many “football widows” have come to the realisation that nagging gets them absolutely nowhere.

It is worth repeating that all analysis of the problem must be honest, and here lies a difficulty. As with most addictions, denial is a common factor. This means for a wife to put across to her husband that she is feeling neglected, and views herself as coming second to his sport is quite a challenge. When she is dealing with a reasonable man there is plenty of hope for optimism. On the other hand should he be, let us say, not the most reasonable man in the world, help will be needed.

Michael Weber is the founder of a free help centre for football addicts and those who live with them. This is a unique concept that addresses a problem affecting millions of people.


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