Acrobatic Training Article – Cast Handstand on Uneven Bars

 Acrobatic Training Article – Cast Handstand on Uneven Bars



Numerous acrobatic mentors don’t relegate sufficient game explicit molding or comprehend the mechanics of the cast on bars. At the point when the gymnastic specialist endeavors to project before her shoulders are in the right position, her body goes out as opposed to up. She additionally has less energy in the event that she Anniversary endeavors to project after her legs arrive at the front help position with her feet behind her. The acrobat’s legs don’t have as effective a cast as she does when she inclines forward to see her knees before she projects.


An acrobat should see her knees before she endeavors to project. Her body should go from the pike position to almost straight (empty) position instead of from directly to curved for a legitimate cast handstand. As such, an athlete should get her shoulders over the bar before she endeavors to kick her legs for the cast. She should pack well and incline forward enough to put her shoulders in a planche position. Numerous gymnasts don’t comprehend the idea of keeping their feet before the bar (or seeing their feet) out of the kip before the cast. This is for the most part a planning issue, yet additionally an absence of comprehension of the force and body shapes. With the cast handstand, if the circumstance is right it will be a lot simpler to frame the right shapes.


A curve in the back isn’t the legitimate body position for a cast to handstand. Numerous gymnasts curve since they are attempting to project from an all around straight shape instead of from the packed shape. Mentors ought not permit their gymnasts to project with a curve since that can undoubtedly turn into an unfortunate quirk which is extremely challenging to address.


Such countless gymnasts additionally battle with this expertise since they do not have the chest area strength needed to lift their body. The cast handstand is a reenactment of the front sidelong raise practice that many exercise fans perform with just with a small portion of their weight. As a wellness mentor, I have seen numerous female customers battle with under 5%-10% of their body weight during this activity. Indeed, even the further developed wellness fans and muscle heads just utilize a small part of their body weight with this activity. A tumbler should have the option to open the shoulder point totally with a little energy and enough solidarity to lift a large portion of her bodyweight.


Maybe, realizing this, the acrobatic mentor can help their young tumbler progress toward their objective, the cast handstand, by permitting little expansions in strength when utilizing free weights or a conditioning bar for molding. An extraordinary advance is use incredibly light loads, like wooden dowels to show the mechanics of the cast. When the repairmen are dominated, the youthful gymnastic specialist can graduate to a 1.5 – 2 pound free weight in each hand. Avoid potential risk! Numerous youngsters, despite the fact that they have as of late become familiar with in a real sense throwing their body weight around during aerobatic preparing, have no experience utilizing loads for strength preparing.


Here is one exceptionally helpful tumbling drill that recreates the cast handstand.


The Straight Arm Cast/Lift Drill: Have your acrobat sit on the floor with their knees twisted and back against cushioned divider. Then, have them hold two exceptionally light hand weights with their palms confronting the floor and the loads laying on the floor until they are prepared to start the activity. Train your acrobat to raise their arms forward and up toward the roof, reenacting the cast to handstand. (front parallel raise) Once at the highest point of the lift, permit your gymnastic specialist to bring down their arms\the loads by presenting their hands then to a low front position. Be certain you educate your acrobat to keep their elbows almost straight, however not locked on this drill. When your athlete has done an alloted number of redundancies, have them play out a tight empty cast on bars. Keep in mind, it will set aside time before your gymnastic specialist will develop the fortitude to in a real sense lift their body weight utilizing this tiny muscle bunch.


Here is another exceptionally helpful tumbling drill is utilizing wellness groups or careful tubing as the obstruction.


Band Cast: Wrap a treatment band or careful tubing around the foundation of exceptionally strong hardware, like pillar, vault, or bar base. Have your acrobat lie on their back and handle the band or careful tubing. Their feet ought to be nearer to the base than their head and teach your tumbler to twist their knees. When your acrobat is set up, teach them to hold the band exceptionally close as they pull the band from their thighs toward the roof and afterward up toward their head while keeping their arms straight and near their body. Now your acrobat’s hands ought to be contacting the floor and their arms ought to be near their ears. Whenever they have finished the top piece of the activity, permit them to get back to the gazing position. Teach your athlete to return the band gradually going toward the roof and afterward down toward their thighs. This ought to likewise intently reenact the cast to handstand.


In the wake of playing out these drills oftentimes, your tumbler ought to turn out to be more acquainted with the sensation of lifting their arms forward and afterward up towards their head for the cast handstand.


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