Metal Gearbox Air Soft Guns  

 Metal Gearbox Air Soft Guns



Metal Gearbox AirSoft Guns were first manufactured in Japan in the year 1970. Since then .458 socom ammo  there have been many models of air soft guns with different technology implemented in them. One of the popular air soft is the Metal Gearbox AirSoft Gun. AirSoft are classified into three types. They are spring powered, gas powered and electric powered guns. Tokyo Marui is a famous brand, which manufactures the Metal Gearbox AirSoft Guns. In this article we will be discussing about the Metal Gearbox AirSoft Guns, which fall under the category of electric AirSoft guns.

Air Soft Guns with Gears:

The electric AirSoft guns are operating on the principle of mechanical gears. This type of guns is operated with three gears that are placed in a gearbox. The guns are battery powered and can last for hours. There is a hollow cylindrical portion in front of the gun where the pellets are placed. The three gears are placed along with a piston assembly and a spring. The gears are moved in such a way that the piston will be pulled and released against the spring. The spring in turn will expand and will hit the pellets that are placed in the cylinder. The speed of the shot is dependent upon the amount of force that is exerted over the spring and also the tension of the spring.

Depending upon the size of the pellet the distance covered in one shot varies. Smaller pellets move faster and longer distance compared to larger pellets. The metal gearbox needs to be given continuous power supply from a rechargeable battery. Based upon the battery power the cost of these guns varies. Today there are Metal Gearbox AirSoft Guns which do not have a battery. The metal used to make the case for the gearbox is Nickel Cadmium. The metal gearbox is a simple arrangement and as a result these guns are cheap and also more effective compared to other guns. The gearbox guns are the basis for many of the sophisticated guns that are now available in the market.

Types of Gearbox Air Soft Guns:



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