Points-Based System – Tier 1 (General) Highly Skilled Workers Application Form

 Points-Based System – Tier 1 (General) Highly Skilled Workers Application Form


The United Kingdom HSMP visa has become the main choice due to its multipurpose features, for business personnel & highly skilled workers. After searching out UK PR  your dream job, you can apply for this visa through UK HSMP application form. For this, you don’t have to face interviews first, before the related authorities provide you with Visa. You can also set your business in UK.

For settling yourself in the UK, the applicants have to score a minimum of 75 points in the points scheme. If you score 75 points you will get HSMP visa within a very short time. If you are applying for the HSMP visa from other countries or from within the UK, you will have to follow the same rules. By applying and presenting all your skills. After 5 years on HSMP you will be able to apply for permanent residency in the UK.

The HSMP visa provides you with the opportunity of settling in UK as a permanent resident after the 5 year period on HSMP. After 1 more year you can also apply for the British nationality. The initial HSMP approval will be given for 2 years (3 years under the new points based scheme). During this period, you will have to prove yourself that you are capable of earning good income. Whether you intend to start a business or take up a job, it hardly matters, you will have to put your best effort.

For extending approval after the initial period, you have to apply again for an HSMP extenion. The related authorities of HSMP will provide you with the remaining three year’s (or 2 year with the new scheme)_ approval for residing in UK. Once you have remained in the UK successfully for five years then you can be free for getting Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). This ILR will provide you the facilities similar to any other permanent resident in UK . After 1 more year you are eligible to apply for the British nationality.

This HSMP visa will offer you another facility. The persons, who are dependent on you, can also settle with you in the UK. If they want, they can apply for part-time or full-time jobs (without any working visa restrictions). The dependents must be from your family. If you have lived with them for two or more years, you can take them to UK.

Specially under the old HSMP scheme which is being retired, if you had completed your graduation with an MBA, then



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