We Connected Together With His Friend. Should I Apologize?

Reader Question:

We have liked he since September. We connected as soon as on a random evening but persisted speaking.

I partied with him and his companion just who We wound up setting up with considering that the man i prefer was acting thus cold. Now I am eliminating me considering I destroyed every thing.

Ought I apologize?

-Chanel (Calgary)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

Dear Chanel,

Darling woman, it’s not possible to take back a hookup!

Women may believe the intimate dual requirement (one that offers men points for sexual experience and awards females demerit points) has been completely erased.

But Im right here to share with you it offers merely been erased during the brains of females.

The majority of males nevertheless believe some ladies are best for sex with as well as others are fantastic for having as a girlfriend.

Having sex with him on a random evening wasn’t the way to show you are girlfriend content.

And having intercourse together with his closest friend killed any chance you might have had.

Think of it this way: Are you willing to remain into him if he partied to you plus companion and finished up setting up together with her?

Woman, the next time, go slow. Behave the manner in which you desire him to respond.

Men don’t fall in love through sex. They belong love through depend on. And additionally they never trust a woman who is simple.

Sigh, feminism wouldn’t reprogram the thoughts of men.

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